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Asphalt Maintenance 101 – Beautify, Restore, Protect

Why Seal Your Parking Lot Or Driveway?

  • When a new asphalt driveway is put in it should cure for at least 3 months in 60 degree weather or warmer to release excess oils and harden properly. If it is not properly sealed after curing it will begin to over-cure and lose the essential oils that keep it flexible. We usually recommend customers wait until the following season to seal new asphalt.
  • UV rays from the sun break down the glue portion of asphalt, making it brittle and causing the small stones on the surface to become loose and pop. In these areas water can freeze and thaw in the winter and cause additional cracking and deterioration
  • Sealers from Brewer Cote are of the highest quality and help extend your asphalt’s life, protect your investment and enhance the beauty of your property

How Often And When Should You Seal?

  • We recommend sealing every 2-4 years so that sealer can properly wear down before re-coating
  • Often sealcoating is necessary before the previous coat has worn down because of the amount of cracks in and deterioration of the asphalt
  • Sealer should not be applied when ambient temperatures are below 50 degrees Fahrenheit
“I really appreciate it when someone goes above and beyond.”
Joe N., Indian Hill

What About Cracks?

  • Cracks should be filled each time you seal and often between years to help battle mother nature’s freeze and thaw of winter water
  • Larger cracks are a major cause of deterioration and costly asphalt repair. Many sealing companies fill very few cracks or none at all (not Hartz Sealcoating!!)—a crack fill and sealant program can triple the life of asphalt compared to unsealed pavement

Oil Spots?

  • Large oil and gas spots should be cleaned with a wire brush or burned off
  • We use Brewer Cote’s Tarloc, a spot sealer that promotes adhesion between sealer and pavement on tough oil spots—many companies don’t even know what Tarloc is!

Application Method?

  • The number of coats are not as important as the rate of application and mix design—sealer applied improperly, or mixed cheaply, regardless of the number of coats will not last longer. Our mix design is specified for high traffic use
  • We offer multiple application options depending on the condition and size of the asphalt. From broom coating (mainly residential and smaller commercial) to double coat spray application, to spot seal broom and subsequent spray application—whatever best fits your project and budget

Quick Tips For Choosing Driveway Contractors

  • Choose Hartz Sealcoating if you want the best advice, service and product in the industry!
  • Beware of “low-ball” proposals
  • Compare apples to apples
  • Ask questions—why?
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau

Other questions? Don’t hesitate to call: 513-271-1682