Thanks guys, great job! I see you are doing all of our neighbors driveways! - Jim M., Terrace Park

About Us

Chuck began our business almost 15 years ago out of a pick-up truck with 50 gallon drums and 5 gallon buckets. After too many back-breaking years he moved on to expert machinery that allowed him and his crew to do even better work without the physical toll. John joined the company in 2002 and the Hartz brothers have built our business by delighting every possible customer. Our father taught us never to do a half-way job and we complete every parking lot and driveway project as if it were our own.

We have unleashed the power of honesty, cleanliness, courtesy and a big smile on an industry ill-suited to defend itself. We value the time we get to spend with our families and we understand that each customer values their own time and resources in the same way we do. We appreciate that you have read this far and hope that you will choose Hartz Sealcoating to help beautify your property and enhance its value in the future.

We strive to provide a surprisingly delightful experience to our clients manifested by the care with which we approach their projects, the pride we instill in and the respect with which we treat our employees, and the joy we find in a job well done. We strive to maintain our impeccable reputation as the best sealcoat company in town!

Honest Experts Who Care

Our Service

- Honest Advice
- Sealcoating

- Crack Filling
- Pothole Filling

- Striping
- Patchwork

In an industry known for broken promises, careless work, and fly-by-night companies, Hartz Sealcoating is a breath of fresh air. We can give you a long list of repeat clients, but you may be more impressed with our long list of customers from last year that we told could wait another year before needing our services. Delighting our customers with honest advice, courteous and professional service, and competitive prices is the foundation for our growing business.

    What we do:
  • Delight you with the best experience and value in the industry
  • Use the best commercial products to extend the life of your asphalt, beautify your property, and save you time and money as we prevent costlier repairs
  • Answer our phone before and after we've done your work, and if you miss us, we call you back
  • Schedule work when it is convenient for you
  • Give you honest answers to your questions
  • Make you shake your head and say, "Darn, those guys are good."
    What we don't do:
  • Leave you dissatisfied, unhappy, or wondering if you'll ever get ahold of us again
  • Concrete repair
  • Large patchwork or paving—we offer those services through partner companies because we want to focus on being the best sealing company anywhere
  • Constantly amaze you with our poor grammar, poor manners, poor work ethic, or lack of common sense
  • Leave sealer where it shouldn't be (i.e. on your pavers, stone walks and walls, or in your landscaping)

Your Budget

Plain and simple: we'll help you minimize the dollars you spend on asphalt maintenance and allow you to focus your budget and attention on making you or your clients happy. Our goal is to provide you the most honest advice, as quickly as possible so you can make a well-informed, cost-effective decision for your asphalt maintenance needs; we won't try to sell you products or services you don't need. We can help you create a multi-year strategy to protect your asphalt investment and meet your budget requirements into the future. When you call us you'll also avoid the additional 10-15% that other companies charge you when they sub your job out to us! Our growing list of repeat customers and references reflects our dedication to great service, but probably more impressive is our yearly list of customers that we help to avoid higher repair costs just by giving sound, straight-forward advice.

Your Property

Depending on the condition of your asphalt and the type of traffic it gets, we will tailor a cost-effective, comprehensive maintenance program (cleaning, crackfilling, patching, sealing, and re-striping) that will assure you two important benefits. First, when we are finished beautifying and invigorating your property, it will reflect the care and quality that you want to represent. Second, preventative maintenance will stop further deterioration and postpone more costly repairs, saving you thousands in the near future.

Our Community

As our business has grown over the years so has our desire to support the people in our community in some way. In 2010 we initiated the Hartz Brothers' "We Care Campaign." We believe that the values which have been instilled in us should be reflected in more than just the copy on our website or the discussions we have with clients. In 2010 we donated a percentage of our profits to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Camp Joyful Hearts. Our family was personally touched by this organization and its desire to help kids with heart disease overcome the significant physical and emotional challenges they face. Camp Joyful Hearts gives these children a support network of kids in similar circumstances. Since 2010, supporting this and other extraordinary organizations like Healthy Beginnings and Life Forward pregnancy care centers has been an honor and a joy for us!